Important note:
If you (just) need TISAX, you don't have to register for the ENX network! ENX Association is responsible for two products: the "ENX network" and "TISAX". Some people mistake the ENX network registration for the TISAX registration. To register for TISAX, please go to our main TISAX page.

ENX network registration guide

With this guide we want to help you to complete the ENX network registration.

Connecting to the ENX network

The registration is your first step in the process of connecting to the ENX network. To use the ENX network to exchange data with your partner(s), you will go through the following steps:

  • Go through this registration process
  • Receive our confirmation email that contains the ENX registration number
  • Contact our certified service providers and ask for offers
  • Select one certified service provider and order your ENX network access
  • Wait until the access is delivered/built
  • Request ENX VPN tunnel to your partner, based on the parameters of his ENX network access that he provided to you
  • Send your ENX network access parameters to your partner
  • Wait until your partner requested his end of the ENX VPN tunnel
  • Exchange data

ENX network registration process overview

Follow these steps to register:

  • Create a personal account
  • Provide information about your company
  • Provide information about the location where the ENX network access will be built
  • Provide a contact
  • Name your first communication partner (usually the company that requested you to get connected to the ENX network)
  • Provide an invoice address
  • Accept our general terms and conditions
  • Wait for our confirmation email (with the ENX registration number)


The fee for the registration of a company's first ENX access is 440 EUR. Please find all other information about the fee in the ENX network price list.


If you need any help before, during or after your ENX network registration, please don't hesitate to:

We speak English and German. We are happy to help you.

Checklist: before you start

You should know the answers to the following questions before starting the registration:

  • Does your role allow you to accept our general terms and conditions?
  • Do you know at which location the ENX network access should be built?
  • Do you know who at your company will be our contact for technical topics for the ENX network access?
  • Do you know your first communication partner (usually your partner who requested you to get an ENX network access).
  • Do you know the details you need to see on our invoice?

Ready? Then create a personal account ("Register") or sign in with an existing account ("Sign in").

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