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TISAX Introducing new TISAX Labels for confidentiality and availability

2022-10-28 by Immo Wehrenberg

The threat created by cyber-attacks leading to outages of suppliers of production material and parts puts information security of such suppliers under a looking glass. The resulting specific risk profile creates the need to make changes on the TISAX Assessment Objectives.

Accordingly, we create the two new TISAX Assessment Objectives "high Availabliity" and "very high Availability" for organizations where the need is determined by availability. 

TISAX TISAX and the coronavirus

2021-06-01 by Immo Wehrenberg

See what options you have if you have to deal with TISAX Assessments during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This document covers the folowing three scenarios:

  1. Employees working from Home
  2. Initial assessment cannot be done as planned
  3. Expiring assessment results
  4. Expiring temporary labels
  5. Handling TISAX Assessment of Partners 

TISAX Your ISMS and the Coronavirus

2020-04-01 by Immo Wehrenberg

Changes in exceptional situations like the pandemic are necessary to deal with a changed risk landscape. The ISMS is a tool to support you to act efficently, decisive and appropraite in unexpected situations like the covid-pandemic.