Dezember 2022 Website-Update

2022-12-28 von Valentino Giacometti Portal

December 2022 Website Update

With this short news arcticle we want to show some of the best new features added with this change:

  • Cleaned up the navigation bar for logged-in users.
  • Ability to add users to your companies account after they accidentially signed-up themselves.
  • Reminder for overdue invoices and expiring TISAX scopes
  • Improved Company Page

We hope you appriciate out effort to improve the portal with every change.

Cleaned up the navigation bar for logged-in users

Under the button with your company alis and participant ID you will find: your profile page (under your name), your company informations (under your company name), the option to change language and the sign out button.
As you can see in the image below your profile option will be label with your name and surname and your company with the name of the company.

Ability to add users to your companies account after they accidentially signed-up themselves

Sometimes your collegue may register themself to the portal istead of joining your company. Previously, in this case the user (and their email) would be locked to that registration.

From now on you can invite that collegue with a new functionality that you can find while creating a contact.

In details: if the email of a contact that you are trying to create is detected in the system but not in your organization. A message like the one that you can see below will appear and you will be able to invite the contact, without the help of the ENX-Team.

Click on "Do you want to invite him?". Assign at least one role and then click the button "Invite".
The ivited contact will recive an email with a link to accept or refuse the invitation
(You can also monitor all your invitations to external contacts in the "Portal Users" page).

Once the contact accept the invitation. He/She can access to the portal and see your company content, based on the roles that you have given to him/her.

Reminder for overdue invoices and expiring TISAX scopes

We have implemented two new banners.
One will remind you if you have one or more overdue invoices.

One will remind you to create a new scope if one or more is going to expire soon.

The first one will appear in all the pages of the portal's private area. The second one is shown in the page My Scopes and Assessments.

Improved Company Page

"Your company" page has been reworked to include more informations. In particular we added the "change request grid", where you can, from now on, monitor the status of your requests to the ENX team and the invoice grid to verify the status of all your invoices.
You can access to your company page with the following link My company or with the navigation bar button labeled with the name of your company.


You may notice other minor change not documented here. If you want to ask us any question regarding the changes or you need some help feel free to contact us (You can find our contacts here. You have reached the end of the page, than you for your attention and your support.
See you in the next change.